Nintendo Turns Mario Back Into A Plumber


Nintendo Turns Mario Back Into A Plumber

Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side, now replace this 3/4 copper pipe with 5/8 PVC.

WILL PEACH MARRY BOWSER?!?! (Super Mario Odyssey #6 ENDING)

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In Super Mario Odyssey.. will Peach actually marry Bowser?!?!


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Room Remodeling Construction Disaster. Luigi Respawn Marathon & Mario’s Magic plumber wrench.

After Home Depot trouble and fully recovered, Mario and Luigi continue their room remodeling journey. Will Luigi be more careful this time around, or will he need some One UPs 1UPs to survive?

Our Longest video yet so far. In this fun and entertaining adventure of the brothers who tried to upgrade their Play room end up in disaster with twists and unexpected turns.

This is the first time Mario seen with his his magic plumber’s wrench that can come back on demand like some god’s hammer. Even his brother didn’t know this.

in this room remodeling construction, Luigi had to Respawn many times for his clumsiness. How many times did Luigi respawn in this video? watch until the end for good time and answer.

Real Plumber Judges Mario’s Plumbing Skills

Mario is technically a plumber, but how good is he at his job? To find out, I asked a real life plumber named Jace! Let’s see what he has to say…

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