Dr. Mario 64


Dr. Mario 64

Dr. Mario is a legitimate and satisfying puzzle game that is executed rather nicely in this four-player-focused package.

Dr. Mario 64: Wario’s Story (Super Hard Mode)

0:57 Wario’s Story Start!
2:44 Vs. Dr. Mario
6:51 Vs. Spearhead
10:41 Vs. Webber
14:42 Vs. Appleby
18:52 Vs. Octo
26:31 Vs. Dr. Mario Vs. Mad Scienstein Vs. Hammer-bot
32:01 Vs. Rudy
41:46 Vs. Metal Dr. Mario (1st Attempt)
44:50 Vs. Metal Dr. Mario (X attempt, Victory!)

45:59 Ending and Credits
48:47 Super Hard Mode Completion message (continues used)

…In Wario’s own words… “D’OH I MISSED!”

Wario’s story about him wanting to steal the Mega vitamins for money. He deserves all of these battles, because he was being a jerk to everyone involved and he decided to use his muscles.

This difficulty is TOUGH! It’s easy the first few levels, but it gets tough after APPLEBY. HE IS THE FOURTH OPPONENT!

…METAL DR. MARIO IS NEAR IMMPOSSIBLE! He can only lose if you are VERY LUCKY/ VERY SKILLED! I only won because i was lucky.

Dr. Mario 64 – 4-Player Vs. Mode (Actual N64 Capture)

This is a capture of me and a three other people playing the 4-Player Vs. mode in Dr. Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. This is not an emulator. This footage was captured directly from my Nintendo 64 using an actual Dr. Mario 64 cartridge. I’m player one, Peter is player two, Drew is player three, and Shelly is player four.

It has been a while since I’ve posted some four-player footage, but here’s a little something to make up for that. During the holidays I managed to record a Dr. Mario 64 battle with two friends and none other than my own mother.

If you’ve seen my prior puzzle game uploads you probably already know that my mother was really into these games back during the NES and SNES eras. We played Tetris, Tetris 2, Dr. Mario, Yoshi and Yoshi’s Cookie a bunch back in the day, as well as Tetris Attack on the SNES.

Toward the very end of the Nintendo 64 era, Nintendo gave fans a little parting gift in the form of Dr. Mario 64. As I recall, the game was only $30 when it was released, and it included a full story mode with various characters (similar to Tetris Attack). Best of all, it included a new four-player battle mode, similar to The New Tetris (which was also released on the Nintendo 64).

Although I had no intention of buying Dr. Mario 64 back in the day, as I recall, my mother simply bought it on her own after she spotted it in a store (just like she did with Tetris Attack), and I certainly wasn’t one to argue with a new game. We did some two-player battles, and on a few occasions, we were able to do four-player battles either with my friends or with visiting family members. Dr. Mario 64 was an excellent multiplayer game and a great value at only $30.

In this video we completed two full Vs. sessions. Although my mother had not played this game in quite a while, she still managed to kick our butts for a few rounds. It was quite impressive.

Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR and the official N64 S-video cable at 60 frames per second. I used a Toshiba model D-R550 DVD Recorder to upconvert the N64’s native 240p signal to 480i so that the Hauppauge could capture the console’s audio/video signal.

I’m using an Arcade Shark joystick, Peter is using a Sharkpad Pro 64 turbo controller, and Drew and Shelly are using standard Nintendo 64 controllers.

DR. MARIO | VERSIONS Comparison ▶ EVOLUTION through its PORTS

Comparison Video of Dr. Mario / ドクターマリオ Dokutā Mario (Nintendo, 1990) featuring gameplay of the first level of the following versions:

0:00 Game Boy (1990)
1:01 NES (1990)
2:02 Arcade (PlayChoice-10) (1990)
2:50 Arcade (vs. System) (1990)
3:51 Super Nintendo / Super Famicom (Tetris & Dr. Mario, 1994)
4:44 Super Nintendo – Satellaview (BS Dr. Mario, 1997)
5:51 Super Nintendo / Super Famicom (Japan Release, 1998)
6:36 Game Boy Advance (NES Classic Series, 2004)
7:37 Game Boy Advance (Dr. Mario & Puzzle League, 2005)
8:26 BONUS: Nintendo 64 (Dr. Mario 64, 2001)
9:47 BONUS: GameCube (Nintendo Puzzle Collection, 2003)
10:48 BONUS: Nintendo DSi (Dr. Mario Express, 2008)
11:43 BONUS: Wii (Dr. Mario & Germ Buster, 2008)
12:51 BONUS: Wii (Dr. Mario Online, 2008)
14:13 BONUS: Wii U (Dr. Luigi Classic Mode, 2013)
15:34 BONUS: Wii U (Dr. Luigi Operation L Mode, 2013)
16:20 BONUS: Nintendo 3DS (Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Classic Mode, 2015)
17:48 BONUS: Nintendo 3DS (Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Mode, 2015)
21:28 BONUS: Nintendo 3DS (Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Dr. Luigi Mode, 2015)
22:11 BONUS: iOS/Android (Dr. Mario World, 2019)

�� Check out more EVOLUTIONS of MARIO GAMES HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1ihaNrKCPw &list=PLdnbF2RYiHZAjeg7fmMus94_ixAex_g6F

We’ve included a lot of bonus versions because although games from Nintendo 64 to above are considered out of the main Dr. Mario games, all of them share the same core gameplay and features Classic Modes that emulate the classic. There’s an exception though, Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android, a game that has notable differences with the original.

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