This Battlefield 1 DLC Map Is Available For Free For Everyone


This Battlefield 1 DLC Map Is Available For Free For Everyone

You can soon play a Battlefield 1 map that was previously exclusive to the Premium Pass and expansion owners.

*NEW* SHOCK OPERATIONS! Huge Content Update + FREE DLC! – Battlefield 1 (Single-Map Operations)

A huge content update has been announced for Battlefield alongside FREE DLC as well… Shock Operations! These are single-map Operations running on maps that don’t currently support the mode! 😀
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Well done for reaching the bottom of the description! 😀

TOP NOTCH: Battlefield 1’s DLC Packs Ranked from Worst to Best

Battlefield 1’s final DLC is here: Apocalypse. Now that every DLC pack has been released for the game, which one takes the top spot? The best of the best? Here are all four of Battlefield 1’s expansions ranked from worst to best.

Which DLC is your favorite? They Shall Not Pass? Turning Tides? In the Name of the Tsar? or perhaps Apocalypse? Tell me in the comments.

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FREE PREMIUM MAPS FOR EVERYBODY (Kinda) – Battlefield 1 Premium Friends Program

Yes you read that juicy title correctly. All battlefield 1 players will now get the opportunity to play Premium maps, FOR FREE. All you need to do, is have one premium pass player in your party. This will make your party “premium enabled”, and then it’s off to the glorious free dlc maps. Join in the fun and play Krunker.
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