9 Easy Tricks To Defeat BOTW Minibosses


9 Easy Tricks To Defeat BOTW Minibosses

The past 5 years have given players time to come up with complicated glitches to take out Breath of the Wild foes in style, but instead we’re dialing it back a bit, and going with the easiest, simplest tricks to take on minibosses.

9 Tips To Help You Conquer Master Mode in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Looking for more of a challenge in Breath of the Wild? Master Mode may be the difficulty setting you need! Here are some tips to help make the transition to the hardest difficulty available in the game. Link needs your help. Play emulator Zelda online and save Hyrule!

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How to Quickly Kill a Lynel – Boss Fight – Zelda Breath of the Wild – Tips and Tricks

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How to quickly and easily kill a lynel.

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